Caleb & Paige Crawford

Family: Married for nearly 4 years, and owners of a dog, Draper, who thinks he is their “only child.”

Education/Work: Caleb graduated from LSU in political science. He served as a part-time staff member at Cornerstone while working 40+ hours a week for the City of Baton Rouge. In December 2013 Caleb was brought on full-time as the church’s Associate Pastor/Worship Leader.

Paige graduated from Southeastern in business management/human resources. She worked full-time as an office administrator when she began to lead the nursery ministry at Cornerstone in 2015. She is now the Executive Assistant and continues to serve in the nursery and worship.

Brief salvation experience: Caleb grew up in a Christian home and made a decision for Christ at a young age. At age 20, he began to fully grasp the depravity of his sin and the immeasurable magnitude of God’s grace. Since then, he strives to work out his salvation daily, remembering his sin overcome by his Savior.

Paige grew up with a religious understanding of who Jesus was. For years she thought she had to get herself “right” before she could go to Jesus, but during her senior year, Jesus graciously revealed Himself as her Savior. He removed the burden of her sin and self-condemnation, and she hasn’t been the same since, living each day in freedom and striving to know Him more.

Ministry focus: {Caleb} I love when people gather together and lift their voices to worship Jesus. A congregation of people declaring their love and need for their Savior is a slice of heaven I love to experience!

{Paige} I have a heart to see the youngest in the church know Jesus at an early age. Whether it is through learning about the Bible, worshipping or playing, my heart is for each little one to experience the presence of God and the joy of knowing Him!

Interesting fact about you: Caleb has an insatiable sweet tooth and enjoys a variety of podcasts. If the NFL, NBA or LSU Tigers are on TV, Caleb is probably watching. As a child of the early 90’s, Batman: The Animated Series influenced him at a young age — he still loves Batman to this day.

Paige loves anything with pasta that could be described as creamy, cheesy and/or buttery. She enjoys coffee, beautiful weather and conversing with friends — but coffee usually comes first. She enjoys her job and serving at the church, but if the door ever opened to have her own HGTV show, it would be EXTREMELY hard to not walk through it.

Caleb and Paige are each others’ best friends. They enjoy the experience of a great meal, spending time with family, finding something new, hanging out with friends, a good tv series and shopping together. They feel extremely blessed to be part of the Cornerstone Fellowship family and the great work God is doing here.