CF Nursery Ministry

Cornerstone is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with our kids. We want to partner with parents, helping them raise children who will follow the Lord and serve Him. Each week, CF Kids presents the gospel through fun, interactive programs, games and worship.

Our nursery provides a safe, nurturing environment for your little one during all of our weekly services. We are not just babysitters. We are passionate about imparting the love of Jesus to children.

When your precious children are with us, an amazing group of volunteers and staff will meet their physical as well as spiritual needs. We pray over our children every week and believe God is already at work in their hearts.

We use a hands-on, interactive curriculum that incorporates worship, a simple Bible lesson, prayer, crafts and lots of playtime.

Check In / Out

The nursery is located to the left of the main sanctuary building. When you arrive, please sign in using our computer check-in system. Two tags will print. Place one on your child and keep one with you. If you have a younger child, extra stickers will print to label belongings.

You will need your tag when you pick up your child. Each week, a number will print on the tag. If we need you for any reason during the service, we will put your child’s number up on the screen in the sanctuary.

No parent will be allowed to pick up his or her child without your tag or some other form of identification.

What to Bring

Please bring a diaper (if needed), change of clothes and a bottle or sippy cup. Snack is not provided for children under one year of age. Older children will receive a small snack during the service.

Note: We also have a nursing mothers’ room available for all members and guests with live audio streamed in from the service.

Cornerstone's Nursery Ministry serves children from Birth through Kindergarten

What Do We Believe?