Tori Weatherly

Children's Minister

Tori Weatherly and her husband, Chase, are the children’s ministers at Cornerstone. They have been over the children’s ministry since 2013 and want every child to know Jesus in a real way. The Weatherly’s firmly believe that if Jesus takes root in the heart of a child, the fruit of that seed can and will continue to grow throughout their lives.

They desire to foster an environment where children know they belong in God’s family and the same God who saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the fire is the same God we serve today! With Chase’s love for period pieces and Tori’s love for Star Wars, or did we say that backwards, these two are quirky and ready to meet kids where they’re at. They are the parents of two beautiful girls, Sybil Nissi and Pruitt Jane.