Nathan & Layni Reynerson

Youth Ministers

Family: Nathan and his wife, Layni, have been married for 16 years and are blessed with three beautiful daughters – Miriam, Addiella, and Selah.

Education/Work:  Since 1997, Nathan has had a passion for leading worship in spirit and truth, teaching students to know and love God. He has a heart for world missions and has travelled to 15 different countries leading worship and spreading the gospel of Jesus. He graduated from LSU in business marketing in 2001. He also operates a website that helps people in Africa use their God-given creative abilities to provide for their families. He is on the board of Rock Foundation Cambodia. He is fully invested in the commandment of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples.

Layni graduated from Our Lady of the Lake as a Registered Nurse. She is a full-time mom and currently works part-time as a nurse. She has impacted thousands of families with her experience in the healthcare profession and even has had families who have named their daughters “Layni” after experiencing her ministry to them and seeing the hand of God on her life. She believes that God has uniquely gifted her to disciple others to experience natural healing and spiritual well-being.

Brief salvation experience: Nathan accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was water baptized at 18. Soon after he experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and has continued to pursue a life of holiness since.

Layni grew up with religious understanding of who Jesus was, but it wasn’t until she had an experience with the risen Savior as a teenager did she develop a personal relationship and a passion to follow Jesus all the days of her life.

Ministry focus: {Nathan & Layni} Our hearts beat to know God, and to see His kingdom come and His will be done. We have seen God move through worship, healing, and miracles. Through the power of God, we have seen lives changed and restored and we want to see God glorified in us and through us all the days of our life.

Interesting fact about you: Nathan likes hunting, oils, and custom knives (not necessarily in that order), and has a website where he helps custom knifemakers from Africa sell their creations all across the world. He loves Daddy Daughter Date Nights with his girls. He loves travelling to places he has never been. Nathan really loves Layni. He thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Layni loves vacation time with her husband and daughters. She loves oils. She loves shopping. And puppies…all the puppies!

They feel extremely blessed to be part of the Cornerstone Fellowship family and the great work God is doing here.